September Thoughts from Greg


“Where there is no vision, the people perish”
Proverbs 29:18 (King James Version)
I always loved this proverb.  It’s been on many public courthouses over the years.  It speaks to a common community need for shared vision and partnership.  
Vision is so important.  After a lifetime of perfect seeing eye vision, I now need reading glasses.  It just got too frustrating to try and read when my arms just weren’t long enough.  I realized I was reading my Bible less because I didn’t want to deal with my vision slipping.  So, I bit the bullet and now carry my 1.5 magnification “cheaters” with me everywhere I go.  It’s made such a difference.  I can actually read again!  Hallelujah.
A congregation needs proper vision as well.  We need to see where God is calling us next.  Vision tells us where we’re headed and gives us a sense of how we’re going to get there.
The above proverb reads a little differently in our NRSV Pew Bibles:
“Where there is no prophecy, the people cast off restraint”
The word for “vision” and “prophecy” is the word chazon (khaw-zone’).  It sounds a bit like the delicious pizza alternative “calzone”, but not quite.  The word usually means a divine vision given by God for a people at a specific time and place.  When the prophets of old would speak on God’s behalf, it was Word for that moment, just in time, when they needed it most.
This fall, we’ll be praying together about the vision of Saint John’s.  Where are we going?  What are we called to do?  Who are we called to reach?  
This Kingdom vision isn’t something I’ve brought with me.  I have a piece of it for sure, but we need to sort this out as a family.  We need God’s reading glasses as we study the scriptures together.  We need ears that can hear what the Spirit is saying to his church.  The consequences of not having a vision are too great.  As the proverb says, people will perish, they will cast off restraint.  We see that all around us in our culture.  Everyone thinks they know what’s best.  
I hope you’ll pray with me over this fall as we seek God’s divine word for us in the here and now.  We know we’re called to love and make disciples as a family, but how are we going to do that?

Visioning with you,